Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Four Kings – Mike Ponder’s new novel

In 2007 Mike Ponder published The Windsor Conspiracy, a novel which questions whether the Monarchy's lust for power had gone too far. This year his new novel, Four Kings, published by Tangerine Publications, expands on the idea that conspiracy theories involving the Royal Family are behind world events. This time, the action takes place in Zimbabwe, where Mugabe’s resettlement of all white-owned farms has far-reaching consequences not only for farmers but for governments worldwide.

Characters from The Windsor Conspiracy return in Four Kings, although for new readers the plot of his new novel stands alone.  Mike says he wanted to write a book with global appeal. His inspiration for a Royal conspiracy came from reading an article about well-known people who may have used a double.  Prince Charles was one of them.

“Readers love conspiracy theories because they share that point of view but refuse to admit it.  In both my books I have woven the conspiracy theory around actual historical events which makes the plots extremely provocative for the reader. I found the plot for Four Kings so exciting I couldn’t wait to get it down on paper.”

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